Tyler Zander contributes to study on stroke prevention after blunt traumatic injury

June 9, 2019

Here’s on article for the stroke specialist and researchers of the world. Amanda Celii, M.D., and Tyler Zander, third year medical conducted research that was published about injury of blood vessels in your neck; better known to be cerebrovascular injury. Unlike other wounds, cerebrovascular injuries can be caused by other means of bodily harm. The article, written by Enid News and Eagle, gives the example of being in auto-mobile accident, and having your seatbelt be forced against the neck causing a fracture’ thus blood clots. This articles describe as blood thinners being given to the patient immediately, commented by Celii. However, let's look at this from the perspective of BXT-25 and its purpose. Potentially fractures of any kind in the body could cause blood clothes, and yes, blood thinners are the way to go; however, can BXT25 play a crucial role in subsiding or aiding blood thinners in the effort to help prevent stroke?

Enid News