Bioxytran is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing platform technologies in the fields of Glycovirology, Hypoxia and Degenerative Diseases to eliminate viruses and prolong lifespan using carbohydrate drug design.

Bioxytran uses Galectin inhibitors to combat the virus, SARS-CoV-2. The technology is built on the lifetime work of company’s founder, David Platt, PhD. Dr. Platt expressed, and named, the Human Galectin-3 protein coded by a single gene, LGALS3, located on chromosome 14. Galectin inhibitors block the binding of galectins to carbohydrate structures, present in numerous diseases, reducing their capability to replicate. Dr. Platt has over the years used this knowledge to create a significant number of sustainable therapeutic solutions.

BioxyTran Inc is also developing treatments for hypoxic conditions, necrosis, and degenerative diseases that utilize the carrying of oxygen to affected areas for stroke, wound, and brain damage treatment. The platform’s initial IP position includes an issued patent and provisional patents developed and assigned by the founder of the company, David Platt, PhD.