Neck Cracking and Stroke: How Risky Is It?

June 9, 2019

Our bodies tend to turn stiff without the simple warm-up of stretching, yawning or even the guilty pleasure of cracking one’s bones. What if the comfortability of doing one of these tasks lead to an enhanced possibility of having a stroke? According to LA based-fitness and health journalist, Kathleen Doheny, who wrote the article “Neck Cracking and Stroke: How Risky Is It?” explains the happening of patient Josh Hader; who cracked his neck, potentially blocking the artery leading blood to the brain, and subdued to a stroke. According to neurologist, there is a link between the two, and more or less has to do with genetics in tissue connectivity and/ or the development of their blood vessels. However, some argue that stroke and cracking your neck is not understood. Is this habit safe or risky? Can cracking your bones lead to a rare or faster intent to having a stroke? Explore the discussion in depth.