How Artificial Intelligence Can Predict and Detect Stroke

December 18, 2019

BioxyTran’s BXT-25 invention is a medical breakthrough of its own kind. Aiding patients the chance to fight for their lives in the event of a stroke. As this medical invention has been chemically developed to save lives; we must shine a light on other developments that fight to help manage the issues of stroke. In term, artificial intelligence may play a crucial role in detecting the signs of stroke in a patient. According to ITN’s “How Artificial Intelligence Can Predict and Detect Stroke,” the FDA approved an AI algorithm for use in a clinical decision support system for triage in 2018 (“IT Online; Inga Shugalo). Furthermore, research suggests artificial intelligence can help medical personnel properly detect stroke early, help physicians properly help patients before and after the medical crisis, and give detailed progress/ analytical reports that would track a patient progress after a stroke. What are your thoughts on using artificial intelligence? The idea of computerizing medical intervention is seemingly on the rise.