Fort Worth Woman Survives Stroke at 29

June 9, 2019

Article written by NBCDFW - Evan Anderson about A 29-year-old woman from Fort Worth Texas survived a stroke, that came completely out of no-where. A registered nurse, Sylvia King, she didn’t know at her age that a stroke would be the reason she would end up in the hospital. She began to feel symptoms of face tingling; however, ignored them as she stated that she has “migraines all the time” and continued with her day. Nonetheless, the symptoms continued and felt nauseous, eventually not being able to move or speak. Sylvia considers herself to be in fairly healthy, and doesn’t have any respiratory complications in her current health. Sylvia knowing the signs of stroke, didn’t think it was possible at her age. Health is wealth. In an open discussion to BioxyTran’s BXT25, now knowing stroke has no age to its victims, can the medical innovations help stroke victims of all ages? In the case of Sylvia, would the drug have been beneficial in her case?