Avise Analytics Initiates Coverage on Bioxytran Inc.

July 23, 2019

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, July 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BIOXYTRAN, INC. (OTC: BIXT), a developmental stage biotechnology company developing a pipeline of anti-necrosis drugs designed to treat hypoxia by delivering a small molecule carrying oxygen to the brain of stroke victims announced today that Avise Analytics, a leading equity research firm specializing in micro-cap and small-cap public companies research has initiated coverage on Bioxtytran, Inc.

The full research report is available ----> HERE. Highlights from the report include: Overcoming the Biggest Challenge in Stroke Treatment

The Company continues to focus on developing BXT-25, the only ambulatory treatment which can overcome the problem of a minuscule 3-hour treatment window available for victims of stroke. With an exclusive licensing agreement with MDX Lifesciences for its MDX viewer, the gold standard for measuring brain tissue and oxygen recovery status, the Company is not only on an accelerated pathway for the approval of its drug  from the FDA, but also poised to capture a majority share of the multibillion-dollar global stroke market.

Other Potential Drugs in the Pipeline

Bioxytran plans to adopt a multipronged strategy by developing sub-classes of BXT-25 for numerous application such as wound-healing and organ transplantation. Its clinical pursuits are aimed at capturing a large market share of the anti-necrotic drug space with special focus on hypoxia.

Proven Track Record of Dr. David Platt

With Dr. David Platt, an expert in carbohydrate chemistry with a decade long management experience at its helm, BioXytran is on an accelerated path to emulating his earlier successes. Dr. Platt’s various achievements include a portfolio of patents, distinction of uplisting two companies from OTC to NASDAQ and creating a value of nearly $1 billion for the investors through three publicly traded companies.


A growing geriatric population along with a rising prevalence of stroke present the ideal conditions for future growth. The MDX viewer bolsters the robust intellectual property position of BioXytran, as management believes it is the only available development stage device that can measure increasing tissue oxygenation. However, the inability to garner sufficient funds for the drug development process may delay the clinical process of BXT-25. We are attracted to its strong management team and unique breakthrough technology. We adopt DCF valuation to arrive at a price target of $2.64/share, discounted at a WACC of 9.54%.

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Avi Surana, Head of Research of Avise Analytics


About Bioxytran, Inc.

Bioxytran Inc. is a developmental stage biotechnology company. The company is working towards a first-in-class oxygen treatment platform for victims of brain stroke trauma. The first product to proceed to testing is BXT-25, which will be evaluated as a resuscitative agent to treat strokes, especially during the all-critical first hour following a stroke. The product will also be evaluated for its efficacy in treating other brain trauma issues. BXT-25 is based on a new molecule designed to reverse hypoxia in the brain.  Hypoxic brain injuries such as ischemic strokes, could be treated with BXT-25 via an intravenous injection that quickly allows the drug molecule to travel to the lungs and bind with the oxygen molecules. From the lungs the molecule mimics a red blood cell traveling to the brain. Since the molecule is 5,000 times smaller than red blood cells it can penetrate the clot and deliver the oxygen to the critical areas in the brain blocked by the clot. To learn more, visit our website: http://www.Bioxytraninc.com

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