BioXyTran, Inc. Developed BTX-25 an oxygen therapeutics that is intravenously administered to deliver oxygen to the body’s tissues.

BTX-25 is a glycopolymer made of hybrid molecules of HEME chemical structure taken from the Hemoglobin molecule and a proprietary polymer chemical structure. BTX-25 is 5000 times smaller in molecular size compared to Red Blood Cells and can penetrate the area in the brain blocked by the clot and oxygenate the part of the brain which does not get sufficient oxygen.

A single Red Blood Cell (RBC) contains almost 300 million hemoglobin molecules, each of which can carry 4 oxygen molecules. A hemoglobin molecule consists of protein and iron (Fe) which gives the blood cell its red color. When blood passes through the lungs, oxygen binds to the glycoprotein BTX-25 the same as to Red Blood Cell and as the blood then passes through the tissue capillaries, oxygen will be released, if the oxygen concentration is too low. The hemoglobin will not release the oxygen into tissue if too much oxygen is already present. Oxygen delivery to tissue and organs is a critical treatment issue in a number of medical situations that are suitable for BTX-25 including a stroke condition.