BioXyTran Inc.’s drug BXT-25 is designed to oxygenate ischemic (reduced blood flow) regions in the brain that suffered from hypoxia during a brain stroke. To minimize irreversible damage to the brain, it may be administered prior during and after current available treatments such as rt-PA to dissolve the clot and to have a positive confounding effect by keeping the brain oxygenated. The glycoprotein drug BXT-25 is a modified hemoglobin structure, bound to a proprietary co-polymer chemical structure. This new chemical structure offers significant improvement because there is no treatment to deliver oxygen prior to removing the blockage (clot) by rTPA or surgery. BXT-25’s co-polymer proprietary chemical structure acts as the main carrier of oxygen, instead of the Red Blood Cell which are blocked by the clot. BXT-25 construct substantially reduces methemoglobin formation and nitric oxide scavenging that may contribute to a variety of disorders—such as renal failure, vasoconstriction, hypertension, myocardial infarction, and related toxicity issues.

Furthermore, BXT-25’s small size, roughly 1/5,000th that of a red blood cell, enables it to perfuse constricted, ischemic capillaries that are inaccessible to red blood cells due to clots or other obstructions. The new molecule is stable in solution for 3 years at 250°C. and can be freeze-dried (lyophilized) for an even longer shelf life.