Prof. Avraham Mayevsky, PhD | Scientific Advisory Board Chairman

Prof. Avraham Mayevsky is a worldwide authority in the field of minimal invasive monitoring of tissue and organ physiology. Prof. Mayevsky is a professor at the Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. He founded Vital Medical Ltd. He served as Head of the Department of Life Sciences and Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Bar-Ilan University, where he established a center of tissue physiology. He served as Visiting professor at University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins Medical School World-recognized expert in tissue physiology, especially in brain metabolism. He Published over 150 papers and patents. He has published over 170 papers in scientific journals and is the author of five patents. Prof. Mayevsky completed PhD from Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

Hana Chen-Walden, MD | Medical Advisory Board Chairman

Dr. Chen-Walden has specialized in regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry in the US and Europe. She has thirty years of regulatory experience in EMEA and in individual European countries. Since 2004, She has consulted for the European Clinical and Regulatory Consultancy in medical monitoring, quality assurance, and regulatory input for clinical studies in the fields of oncology, cardiology, diabetes, neurology, respiratory diseases, and medical devices. From 2000 to 2003, Dr. Chen-Walden was Director of International Regulatory Affairs, Covalent Group Ltd. From 1997 to 2000, she was Medical, Drug Safety, and Regulatory Director at CRC, a clinical contract research organization in France. Dr. Chen-Walden received her MD degree from the University of Tel Aviv, Israel. She has practiced medicine in Germany and France.